The Real Journey



Sorry for the lack of updates!  As you all know we have had a whirlwind week with Paris, my bday, Valentines day, Engagement, etc. Paris was amazing, as was the engagement.  I think I have told the story about 50 times by now, but each time putting a little flutter in my stomach .  I am not going to write the story here, because it takes me a bit to tell the whole thing, and honestly it is something that I would rather tell in person.  Call me if you want to know the details, but be prepared to get teary eyed!  I am so blessed to not only be able to spend the rest of my life with someone who is so compassionate and caring, but who is also my best friend.  I don’t think many people can truly say that, and for that I am forever greatful!  We write about “journeys” on this website quite a bit, and are thrilled to be standing at the forefront of possibly the most important one of our lives.

I really want everyone to be involved in our wedding plans, so I will make sure to post more updates as things come along.  That being said, I know you are all wondering when the big day is going to be.  We really wanted to do October of this year, but it just doesn’t leave much time for us to save up, plus with the economy being where it is, it just doesn’t seem like the best idea.  The next option was May of 2010, but we figured that if we were going to wait until May of next year, we might as welll just wait until the fall, which is when we really want to have the wedding anyways.  So as of right now, our tentative date is Saturday October 9, 2010 leading into 10.10.10, because this wedding is looking like its going to be an all nighter .   So, get your “A- game” up, because with this much time, we should hopefully be able to plan one hell of a party!

We ideally want to have the wedding out here in LA.  There is a chapel in the Pacific Palisades called the Wayfarers Chapel, which offers a candelight ceremony that looks AMAZING!  I have been to a wedding here before, and it was absolutely stunning.  It is basically a small glass box in the middle of a woodsy area, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


The ceremony itself will be very small, close friends and family.  We want to have a huge party at a mansion possibly afterwards for everyone to be included in.   Like I said, this is our ideal plan for the wedding, I am sure some things may change, but I will keep everyone updated.

Thanks to everyone for the love and well wishes.  We are so greatful to be surrounded by an amazing circle of friends and family that will walk with us down this increadible journey through marriage.

Sorry guys I had to…


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