Modern Love


It is amazing how connected we have all become. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, with cell phones, email, skype, facebook, blogs, its wonderful how easy it is to be involved in friends and families lives even when they are so far away. I remember when we were little and we used to look forward to spending summers in Indiana, because that was the only time we ever got to see our cousins. Once in a while we were able to speak on the phone, but I always remember “long distance” charges were such a big deal. Interesting how these same long distance charges are all but obsolete. Now I can sign onto facebook and see what is going on in my cousins lives and watch their babies grow up. Or I can log into skype and have a video chat with any of my friends/ family anywhere, and best of all it is relatively speaking, free.



This sort of leads into the post below. Its incredible what we hold at our fingertips now days, and how no one ever really stops to think about it…

Don’t even get me started on google…


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