Deer Lover

We finally got the back wall painted and the deer head up.  I am not sure how I feel about it though.  Originally we picked out a “Cementish” light grey, but when putting it on the wall it turned into a light blue.  I painted over with this color, which was supposed to be a medium grey, but looks very purple to me.  I don’t like it, but am not sure what to do with it.  I really want to paint tonal stripes in glossy, but Jamaal doesn’t want that.  Remember how I did the damask tonal pattern in the hallway, with glossy/ matte?  It would be kind of like that.  What do you guys think?  We are going to hang a black drape to hide the stuff above the bookshelf, maybe that will tie it all together.  I think the peacock rug clashes now, but I just bought that, and I love it. Hmmm….


I will keep you updated on how I change it 🙂

I will put up more house pics soon…


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