The Samburu Project

Here is some more information on The Samburu Project that I discussed in the Urban Outfitters post below.


Kirsten originally went to Africa to help with issues such as FMG ( Female Genital Mutilation), and HIV/AIDS, but soon realized an even bigger issue, water.  Many of the women and children in the Samburu Tribe are forced to walk for miles just to get clean water, often times coming back with nothing.  Kirsten has been building wells, bringing fresh water to the Samburu tribe for the past three years, and now has 22 wells built.

My co worker Marissa met Kristen a while back and they decided that adding Samburu project skus into the Public Library line could not only get press for the foundation, but also raise money to build wells.  It has gotten an amazing response by both celebrities and big name retailers.  I am so happy to have been able to be a part of this, and I only hope that in my lifetime I am able to do something so great.







How amazing do we have it?  I mean think of these people who walk for miles just to get something that we can walk into the other room and have an abundance of.  I once heard Warren Buffet say that “if you were born in America, you won the birth lottery.”  Stories like this just back up this quote.  No matter how bad you think you have it, I gurantee that you have it very good!  If you can check out the website, it is very interesting.  Of course, I am encouraging you to make a donation, but if you can’t just think about this story the next time you think of complaining about life!

Life is Beautiful, appreciate and enjoy it!


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