Thank You

Its funny when you realize that you are starting to “become your mother.”  Whether it be the little sayings that you grew up hearing that you now find coming out of your mouth, or looking in the mirror and actually seeing similar features begin to emerge.  I guess it just all comes with growing up.  When you are young, you think that you will do everything in your power to not become your parents, you fight it with passion, take them for granted.  I don’t know what happens, but its almost as if one day you no longer look at what they “could have” done better, and realize that you can only hope to do half as good as them.  Maybe it is because I haven’t lived in the same city, let alone state as my parents ( give or take about a year) since I was 18, but the older I get the more I respect them not only as parents, but as people.

I am so blessed to have the most amazing mother, and on this day would like to thank her for molding me into the woman that I am.

Thank you for being the most kind, caring, compassionate person that I ever have ( and I believe ever will) meet.  For giving us endless amounts of love, support, and never judging.  Thank you for always letting Micah and I be ourselves, no matter what that entailed, and for always believing in us.  Thank you for being the glue that always held our family together, for being the strength when things weren’t going so good.  You showed me not only how to love, but how to be loved.  Thank you for listening to me complain, when often times your woes were much greater than mine.   For always putting yourself aside, and putting all of us first.

I don’t think I will ever be as strong and selfless as you, but I can only hope to one day be as wonderful!

“I love you for ever, like you for always, as long as I’m living, my mommy you’ll be!”

Happy Mother’s Day!





Oh, and thanks for always making sure I had a doll cake on my birthday!  You are the best!!




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