Stoop Party

Jamaal produced the Americas Best Dance Crew wrap party for Nike last night.  They rented out “Brownstone Street” on the Warner Brothers lot, which as you can guess was a street lined with fake brownstones, it was very 227ish.  The kids seemed to have a dance for every song that came on, which was quite entertaining.  We sat on the “stoop” watching them all night, and for a bit, I actually felt like I was in NY… well, despite the hallow stoop steps, the $10,000 dance floor, and the studio lights shining down on us all.  It was a very LA version of NY.  Loved it!  🙂












Um… yeah that’s Lil Mama aka Party Crasher


One thought on “Stoop Party

  1. That is SOOOOOOCool! It remeinds me of the street scene in FAME…beautiful and so fun…way to be…Jamaal……and Meri!

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