Mix Tape

Remember the dedication it took to make a mix tape?  Waiting for the right song to come on the radio, running across the room to hit the “record” button, and ALWAYS missing the first part of the song?  Jamaal and I had this discussion the other day about how our kids will experience so many of the things that we grew up with…

Micah- make sure to click track #5, reminds me so much of you on our old tapes!

01 Track 01

02 Track 02

03 Track 03

04 Track 04

05 Track 05

06 Track 06

07 Track 07

08 Track 08

09 Track 09

10 Track 10

11 Track 11


One thought on “Mix Tape

  1. Dude, I used to have to hold one tape recorder up to the radio just to catch a song I liked. My kids will never be able to wrap their little brains around that concept.

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