9 months

July was a great month.  Its funny, with a baby every month is so monumental, but this one seemed exceptionally so.  Last month was hard, I felt like one night I put my baby to bed, and the next day she woke up a toddler.  It was a hard realization to accept, since I was unaware that it would happened so soon.  Now with babyhood behind us, we are able to watch her grow into a little girl.  She can stand up on her own, and I think walking is just around the corner.  The biggest thing though was that she started talking.  Not just babbling “dada” like she had been doing, but really talking and recognizing what she was talking about. She started saying “duck”, “cat”, “dog”, “hi ducky”, and “all done”.  When she sees any of these animals or even when she sees them on tv, she recognizes them for what they are and calls them by their name.  This has been my favorite milestone so far, as we were able to literally watch her little cognitive mapping happen right in front of us.  One day she was looking at the cats with a puzzled look on her face saying “Ca”, and then next day when she saw them, she was saying “cat”.



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