Palm Springs



Beautiful house. Great company. perfect weather. yoga by the pool. bocce ball. much needed relaxation

IMG_6929 IMG_6928 IMG_6924 IMG_6913 IMG_6889 IMG_6886 IMG_6877 IMG_6852 IMG_6842 IMG_6835 IMG_6824 IMG_6820 IMG_6816 IMG_6811 IMG_6788 IMG_6785 IMG_6777 IMG_6755 IMG_6750 IMG_6733 IMG_6731 IMG_6729 IMG_6725 IMG_6724 IMG_6714 IMG_6707 IMG_6701 IMG_6691 IMG_6687 IMG_6686 IMG_6683 IMG_6682 IMG_6677 IMG_6676 IMG_6675 IMG_6672 IMG_6671 IMG_6670 IMG_6668 IMG_6667 IMG_6663 IMG_6656 IMG_6651


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